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Chiropractic for Life

Most people do not enjoy going to the doctor. For many, going to the doctor is associated with one thing and one thing only--being sick. For some, even being sick is not enough to get them to a doctor's office. Sometimes, depending on the condition, a person may require numerous visits to the doctor or even surgery. Their only hope is that they will get better so that the treatment will end as will their visits to the doctor or stay in the hospital. Sickness-care is precisely what it sounds like--seeking the care of a doctor because you are sick. Hence, when your symptoms seem to be under control or have disappeared, your care ends. This is the most common type of care today. While some doctors may discuss preventative care, the vast majority of doctors focus on the treatment of disease.

Chiropractic is a different approach to health care. Unlike other health professionals, the chiropractor does not believe that heath is the result of effectively treating disease. Chiropractors focus on health and on helping an individual reach his or her potential in every area of life. Chiropractors do this by keeping the nerve system as clear of interference as possible so the body can work better, naturally. This approach seems more logical and is definitely more cost-effective than the treatment of disease, yet it has not gained widespread acceptance. Part of the reason is that it requires regular visits to the chiropractor.

Common sense tells us that to maintain health and live longer, more productive lives, we must do some things regularly and consistently. To be healthy, you must eat nutritious food each day. This takes more effort than eating at the local fast-food drive-in. Exercising takes more effort than watching television. Similarly, regular chiropractic care takes more time, effort and expense. But in the long run, getting sick, decreasing your productivity and enjoyment of life is much more costly.

Chiropractic adjustments should be a part of everyone's regular health maintenance program. Because our spines encounter stresses on a daily basis, they are also prone to subluxate frequently. Vertebrae can misalign and cause nerve interference (called vertebral subluxation) without any symptoms whatsoever. This interference always causes the body to work at less than maximum efficiency. A body working at less than its potential will eventually demonstrate ill effects but by that time, damage may be done which is not repairable. It is obviously more sensible to have the nerve interference removed as soon as it occurs. Many states require that you have your automobile brakes inspected every year so they do not fail when you are on the road. The chiropractor wants to check, and if necessary, adjust your spine before the organs and tissues stop working properly due to a lack of life force.

Why should you go to the chiropractor when you feel fine? Unlike going to the medical doctor, seeing a chiropractor has nothing to do with being sick or even how you feel. Vertebral subluxations cause a lack of health and decrease your full expression of life. There may be no signs or symptoms to tell you that something is amiss! That is why it makes sense to see your chiropractor regularly for life. He or she is the only one who is trained to find nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxation and to remove it before any devastating effects occur. In doing this you can begin to experience a fuller expression of health as well as greater potential for every activity in life.

Regular chiropractic care is essential for optimum health. A properly functioning nerve system enables the body to reach its full potential in restoring and maintaining health as well as enhancing other areas of life such as job performance, academic excellence and athletic accomplishment.

When a vertebra misaligns to the degree that it interferes with the proper function of the nerve system (subluxated), the inborn, self-regulating mechanism of the body cannot function, as it should. This results in a decrease in the quality of life. Chiropractors correct these subluxations.


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