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Prevention vs. Early Detection

Many people confuse early detection with prevention; however there is a big difference. Early detection consists of engaging in diagnostic testing for the purpose of identifying a condition in its earliest stages. This is not the same as prevention, which is what a healthy 100 Year Lifestyle can help you achieve.

Living a 100 Year Lifestyle will help you enjoy the highest quality of life as you age in years-without aging in body and mind. Your body acts as an intricate machine, it needs every part functioning properly to be able to stay in good health. For instance, podiatrists provide foot care that is important to your feet, which can affect the structure of your entire body. Another example would be your dentist maintaining your oral health, which in turn keeps the rest of your body in good health.

What's the Big Difference?
Prevention is achieved by living a healthy active lifestyle. Our bodies are designed to be strong and resistant for many, many years. We do not "catch" diseases, we create them by the unhealthy habits we de-velop in the way we eat, sleep, think, and move. Seeing a doctor on a regular basis can help you with early detection of a problem that your body may be experiencing. With early detection, it is often possible to prevent the disease or illness from worsening. However, if you have been diagnosed in the early stages of the illness, you did not prevent the disease, you merely caught it early.

Health Screening
Make your family history a priority. For example, if your mother has diabetes, you are at a higher risk for developing diabetes as well. See your doctor more often to monitor your blood sugar and do what is necessary to learn how to prevent diabetes as naturally as possible. Men and women should regularly see a physician to check on the overall health and functioning of their bodies. It is important to have all aspects of your body monitored regularly, including oral, skin, rectal, heart, and mental health.

By the time you turn age 45, the U.S. Department of Health suggests check ups every three years for diabetes, eye and ear health. Women should get screened for breast and reproductive health as well as get a thyroid test every five years. Men need to discuss the health of their prostate with their doctors on a regular basis.

Spinal Health's Role in Prevention
Your body has the ability to stay healthy as long as there is no inter-ference with its natural process. Our nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Keeping pressure off of the nerves with regular chiropractic check-ups and adjustments is vital to insure that your spine and nervous system are as healthy as possible.

Easy Steps to Prevention
A major component of prevention is exercising your heart, eating healthy and making your self care a priority. Staying committed to a chiropractic wellness plan can help you achieve the 100 Year Life-style. By making your self care a priority and developing healthy hab-its, you will be doing all you can to ensure that the rest of your life becomes the best of your life.

Article contributed by Dr. Craig Pruitt, Middletown, RI


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