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Are you a "Fair Weather" Fan?

Article contributed by Dr. Craig Pruitt

In the sporting world, "fans" that only cheer their team when they are winning are known as "fair weather" fans.  When there is not any controversy, losing streaks, or any other negative events having to do with their team, they are the biggest fans in the whole world.  But, when times get tough, when the team is fighting a hard battle and losing, when it seems that everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong, then these "fair weather" fans are no where to be found.

In chiropractic we also have "fair weather" fans.  When the initial chiropractic experience begins these people really love all of the possibilities that exist, they love getting their adjustments and they are referring their family and loved ones in to have their spines checked.  They begin to experience results and notice changes in their life very quickly.  When they are feeling well, chiropractic is great.  They are experiencing "fair weather".

At some point the weather may become "stormy".  They may get sick, have a new injury, or even have an old injury become aggravated.  The clouds begin to roll in, the sky darkens and then comes the rain and thunder.  They begin to question if chiropractic can really help them, or maybe the adjustment is making their problem worse, or that all of the sudden they "need" a medication or some other form of outside-in approach like therapy or further diagnostic testing.  "Chiropractic is good for some things but my problem is much different or much too severe".  This is the chiropractic "fair weather fan".

Life is not always easy and there are challenges that lie ahead of you on every path you travel, but when those challenges present themselves, it should not deter you from your course.  The same should hold true for your choice to live a chiropractic lifestyle.

The principles of chiropractic work equally as well in "stormy weather" as they do in "fair weather".  When stormy weather comes this is not the time to abandon ship.  It is time to do away with anything that is interfering with your ability to heal, it is time to get adjusted more frequently, get more rest, stretch, ice, eliminate activities in your daily routine that are contributing to the problems, and remain committed to the process of spinal correction and stabilization.  If you give up hope or lose faith in chiropractic during these times, then guess what?… the subluxations that are the source of the problem will heal wrong and begin the process of growing wrong just as they did to cause the original symptoms.  Will the symptoms go away if you do nothing?  Probably, but they will soon return because your body healed wrong.

Chiropractic is not some other form of "treatment" or  "therapy" for pain and symptoms.  With or without symptoms the principals of chiropractic are the same.  Reduce and eliminate the nerve interference that is limiting your body's own healing ability by adjusting the subluxation.  No more and not less.  If you are rock solid in your confidence and understanding of how and why chiropractic works then there will never come a time in your life that you will question whether or not you should be getting adjusted.  You get adjusted regularly, for a lifetime, because it's the right thing to do regardless of what signs, symptoms, and diseases are or are not present.  Your body is always better off to heal itself without any interference in your nerve system.

So, I ask you, "Are you a fair weather fan?"


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