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PLAY BALL! Chiropractic Adjustments Keep Boston Red Sox Organization Physically Fit Throughout the Baseball Season


Thanks to an integrated medical team of orthopedists and internists, certified athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage and physical therapists, the Boston Red Sox organization actively practices injury prevention in anticipation of a winning season in 2007.  Competing at an exceptionally high level, both players and staff cover all their bases when it comes to maintaining optimal health, with chiropractic adjustments contributing to the overall fitness of the organization.

According to Michael D. Weinman, DC, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and a member of the medical team who provides chiropractic care for three to four hours prior to the first pitch of about two-thirds of all home games, "When the body's joints, muscles and nerves are well-conditioned, a player performs at the top of his game and is able to stave off nagging injuries.  Chiropractic adjustments enhance physical health and promote top performance."

Jim Rowe, a certified athletic trainer who has served as head team trainer and is currently the medical operations coordinator for the past two years for the Boston Red Sox explains, "Chiropractic care is part of the overall healthcare approach and provides yet another service to our players.  Dr. Weinman does not do everything -- but what he does, he does best.  We intend to continue offering this service which is valued by active team members of every age."

With a demanding schedule that includes seven weeks of spring training, 162 games, and potentially weeks of play-off games or a World Series, Rowe cites the importance of keeping players in top physical condition for every game as well as between games.

"Once the season gets into swing, players are traveling on late night flights, falling asleep on a bus or airplane, or sleeping in different hotel beds," says Rowe. Rowe has worked in the Minor Leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers for five years, then one year in Pawtucket, then 11 years as head trainer for the Boston Red Sox before becoming their medical operations coordinator.  "This type of schedule takes a toll on the body, and chiropractic adjustments help across-the-board.  We find that chiropractic adjustments can play an important role in injury prevention and can be effective for acute injuries as well as in-between games."

Dr. Weinman, a member of The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic, adds, "A baseball player's body is put to the test both on and off the field.  Given these intense physical demands, accompanied by the pressure to win, players value an integrated medical approach that includes chiropractic adjustments."  He says that the most common problems among baseball players are rotator cuff injuries, neck, mid-back and lower back conditions, as well as hamstring pulls, which occur from running full out from a standstill position.

"Chiropractors would adjust the involved joint to keep it mobile, reduce inflammation and break-up adhesions," explains Dr. Weinman.  "With the Red Sox I get to work with physical therapists, trainers and strength and conditioning staff, to provide the best care and to maintain the highest level of health and wellness for all the athletes and staff."



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