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The Connections of Health

To be healthy you must be connected...

The goal of healers is to help you reconnect...
You are born to express physical, mental and spiritual health; to radiate vitality, harmony, peace, joy, optimism, strength, love and healing at every age.  But it rarely seems that way. Disharmony, illness, disease, depression, fatigue, emotional and spiritual suffering and isolation touch so many lives. Too many of us walk this earth with our bodies, hearts and souls in pain.

Yet no baby is born bored or depressed. Infants are full of wonder and awe. They breathe deeply, relax completely, radiate energy and sparkle with the light of life in their eyes. They are closer to their natural state, more connected to it, with a clearer conduit to the wisdom, intelligence and energies that percolate up from their source.
To be truly healthy and alive you must be a clear conduit to your inner wisdom [also referred to as your "source," the "wisdom of the body," your "inner healer," your innate (inborn) intelligence and other terms].
Our very word health derives from the old English word hale meaning whole. You are healthy when you are whole, unified, integrated and complete-not fragmented, disintegrated, disconnected or incomplete. Let's explore health from this perspective.

Chiropractic has discovered a powerful "disconnection" in your body called the vertebral subluxation complex (subluxation). This is a condition that interferes with the flow of energy and information from your source and can affect physical, emotional and spiritual health. The result is dis-ease, a communications disease, where you are less than whole, slightly disintegrated, slightly fragmented. Chiropractors are especially trained to locate and correct or remove subluxations.

TChiropractic care permits your body/mind to gently release old stress so your powerful natural healing ability may flow from your source and begin a process of reconnection.
The process of reconnecting and healing is a fascinating adventure. Sometimes this process appears effortless; sometimes it seems difficult and painful. Often it is both. As we reconnect, locked energies may be released, painful memories revived, stored toxins stirred, hurtful experiences re-lived. This is called retracing.

As old energies dissipate you become more sensitive to the deeper layers of your being. As your spine and nervous system release stress, you begin to tune into the deeper laws of life that guide you. You become more sensitive to the unseen hand that is always directing you to greater wholeness, awareness, growth and wisdom.

The POWER that made the body is the only thing that can truly HEAL the? body.

Jack Lalanne on Fox 5 News 94 years old.


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